February 2016

"Leadership and management are often used as synonyms. In other words they will use one word, then the other in the same sentence – thinking they are the same thing, whatever that is," says Dr John Kotter, Chief Innovation Officer at Kotter International, professor at Harvard Business School.  Kotter argues that mixing the two words is both wrong and dangerous.

In business, cash is king. It doesn't matter how long a business has been around; if it runs out of cash and it can't get financing, it's done.  Many agree that good cash flow analysis is the most important part of any business plan.

However, you can't simply look at your bank balance to know how things are going.

Assuming your business follows the local economy, where a successful year is followed by a slower period, it is likely that the business will have an inordinate amount of cash on hand.

But don't let that fool you into thinking everything is OK.