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It's been said that accountants simply report what's happened in a business. And while accurate reporting is a focal point of an accountant's skill set — being required by the Canada Revenue Agency — the best accountants do far more than simply report financial history.

This pedigree not only present an accurate picture of an organization's financial position, accountants are also able to work with management, creating collaborative models for problem solving, analyzing sales metrics, developing pro formas for decision making, and much, much more.

Business websites across the internet are peppered with advice on how to decrease internal theft — some of them promoting Orwellian monitoring of employees (watch them as they take out the garbage, make sure they're always in pairs, and tell them all of their computer activities are being constantly monitored).  This can be effective — if not a little paranoia inducing — but this can be avoided with a good accountant who knows costs and when the numbers just don't add up.

It's widely acknowledged that compared to being a doctor or astronaut, accounting is not the most scintillating of careers.

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve had to prepare financial statements every year for your taxes — but that’s not the only time they’re useful.

Financial statements are essentially your scorecards, telling you and whoever reviews them how your business is doing. They can vary in levels of detail, from a quick overview to an in-depth exploration.

You may require up-to-date financial statements if you are:

With the RRSP deadline still fresh in our collective memory, it’s time to turn your attention to your T-slips if you haven’t already.

Of course, T-slips aren’t the only elements that make up a tax return — there are many more pieces of paper to organize before you begin preparing your final return.

Many people tend to get overwhelmed during tax season, which is understandable — at first glance, the stack of papers, the decimals and the numbers can be intimidating.

With 2014 comes a lot to look forward to - the Sochi Olympics, summer weddings and... taxes. The last item may not appeal to anyone outside of our offices, but it’s certainly something worth thinking about early.

By getting your taxes started early, you can avoid tearing your hair out during the mid-April rush.

A few topics to consider while you’re thinking about taxes:

From everyone at Hawkings Epp Dumont to our clients, colleagues and all your friends and families: have a safe, happy and healthy holiday season.

We’ve enjoyed working with you over the past year and we look forward to continuing our relationships into 2014 and beyond.

It may not seem like it, but the end of the year is just around the corner. With 2014 nearing, it's a good time to think about taxes.

Sure, taxes aren't something everyone wants to think about during the holiday season, but it pays to think ahead to avoid the mid-April crunch.

The following are a few tax topics to think about in the coming months:

As you may have heard, the Alberta professional accounting associations representing CAs, CMAs and CGAs have decided to unify their respective designations under the "Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)" banner.

This unification benefits all professional accountants, ensuring greater consistency, less confusion for the general public and more streamlined administration of the profession. Right now, much of the public is unsure about the designations and their functions. This unification remedies that.