Albertan farmers, when facing financial disasters, have the opportunity to apply for Agristability. Offered by Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC), Agristability remedies substantial production margin declines (15 per cent or more) from previous taxation years’ averages. It’s especially useful to livestock producers, as it is one of the few disaster mitigation options available.

Tax time is a hectic time for everyone, especially us. We’re as busy as ever this year, but we’ve always got time for you.

You have until April 30 to file your taxes. While that may seem like plenty of time, it never hurts to get it done right away. Like so many things in life, a little work now saves a lot of hassle later.

It’s certainly not easy, either. Juggling tax slips and expenses and write-offs and all that fun stuff is enough to drive some people crazy.

Fortunately, we’re just crazy enough to love it.

2012 was a productive year for Hawkings Epp Dumont LLP. We celebrated 50 years of serving our community this past year, and shared this occasion with friends and supporters at a fantastic anniversary event in October 2012.